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DBS final year and postgraduate students who are conducting research for their dissertation can request access to specific materials (books or journal articles) that cannot be found in DBS Library. Due  to the range of library resources at DBS, requests for ILLs and visits to other libraries are minimal. Students and faculty are welcome however to avail of the service if required.

There is a nominal fee of €8.00 per interlibrary loan application that will be charged on your Library account when your application is received by Library staff.

Please note that this charge will stand even if the item is not collected so check before whether the item you require is available in the Library.

To request an interlibrary loan, you can

It is important that you fill in as many fields as possible in the application form as this will make it quicker and easier to process the application.

When your interlibrary loan has arrived, the Library will webtext you. Where possible, material is obtained from the Trinity Library. Generally allow 2 to 3 days for all applications to be processed and ready for collection.  British Library items may take up to 7 working days to process.

Interlibrary loan books can be renewed for a charge of €4.00 (please give two days’ notice for book renewal).

Journal article requests that are sourced from the British Library are received as a restricted document, this means that the article can only be printed out and not emailed to you.

Book requests are primarily sourced from Trinity College, Dublin, books that can’t be sourced from TCD will be sourced from the British Library. In line with best practice all books received as an interlibrary loan are for reference use only within the Library for the duration of the loan.

Before making a request check the library resources to make sure the item you want is not in stock in the library.  For help on searching our catalogue and accessing Library resources, please contact our Information Desk or look at our guide series on the library website.

There is a charge for Inter-Library Loan requests and this is non-refundable.

Make sure the Library has your correct contact details so we can let you know when your request has been supplied.

Staff will advise you if an item is unobtainable and in some cases the Library can help you to find an alternative source.

If the resource you are looking for is not available from DBS Library’s resources, you can then consider doing a general search in Google Scholar or Google but you must ensure that you use the Google “advanced search” option and that you enter the full title of the resource you are looking for in the “the exact phrase” field and you select “PDF” in the “file type” dropdown menu.

You can suggest print titles via our library catalogue. Login to your account and click on the purchase suggestion tab on the left, click New Purchase Suggestion and enter the details of the book. Finally click Submit your Suggestion. You’ll automatically be notified by email of the status of the suggestion e.g. accepted, ordered, received.

Sometimes you might want to visit another library to access specific materials.

DBS Library has an arrangement with TCD Library that allows you to access materials for reference only in this location.

In order to photocopy in TCD  Library you can buy a photocopy card from a vending machine (TCD).

Visits to other libraries can be arranged by filling in an “application for external research” form online or available at the library desk.

Please give at least two days’ notice from the day you wish to visit the other institution.

When your letter of introduction is ready for collection we will web text you to inform you that you can collect the letter at the library desk.

Note: each location may have different policy regarding external visits so there will be instructions with your letter of introduction on how to use the service in the applicable location.

Interlibrary loans application form

TCD Library visit form

For more information about this  service or to receive an update on your existing request, or to renew an item on loan, please contact us:

Telephone : 01-4177611



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