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Library Closure: FAQ

Library Service During Coronavirus Closure FAQ

Q. How long will the library be closed?

A. On instruction of the government, the physical library will be closed from 6:00pm on Thursday 12th of March to Sunday 19th of April in order to minimise further the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). Please monitor emails from the College and main social media channels for further updates. More information at

While you will not be able to visit the library in person, we are committed to providing the best possible service during this period of time. We have a wide range of online resources and you will still be able to get in touch with the library staff. Please see the rest of this FAQ for more detail.

Q. How do I get in touch with the library?

A.  During the closure you can contact us with your library queries in two ways:

While the physical library will be closed the library staff will be maintaining our usual opening hours:

Monday to Thursday         9am - 10pm

Friday                                  9am - 9pm

Saturday                             9am - 5pm

Sunday                                Closed

In the event of extended closure, Library staff will also be available to attend to any online queries on the following Sundays and Bank Holidays:

Sunday  5th April
Friday    10th April
Sunday 12th April
Monday 13th April
Sunday 19th April
Sunday 26th April
Sunday 3rd May
Monday 4th May

Q. How can I access resources from home?

A. Details of how to access library resources off-campus are available at We have a wide range of resources which allow access to journal articles, eBooks and more. If you have difficulty accessing any of the resources please get in touch.

Q. What online resources should I use?

A. The library has created a series of guides for each subject area. These can be found under the Subject Guides tab on the top of any page of the library website. You can also access the subject guides through by clicking here. These guides contain lists and links to ebooks, databases, online journals, web resources and past exam papers as well as information on referencing.

Q. How can I search for ebooks?

A. You can search for ebooks by using the library catalogue. Go to the library homepage and select catalogue only, and then type what you are looking for into the search bar. When you are brought to the search results, select  eLibrary  under Holding Libraries on the left hand side. This will limit your results to only eBooks.

When you see a book that you would like to read, select: click here for ebook

DBS Library has two main ebook providers: EBSCO and Dawsonera.

If you are brought to this page:

Select Irish Edugate Federation as seen in the above image. After this, select Dublin Business School from the list of institutions. You will then be brought to a login page and can login with your student number and password.

If you are brought to this page:

Select Shibboleth Login. You will then be brought to a page with a drop down menu. Select Dublin Business School. You will then be brought to a login page and can login with your student number and password.

Q. How do I suggest a new ebook?

A. Please send any eBook suggestions to, using “eBook suggestion” in the subject line of the email.  If your request is not available as an eBook we will notify you and let you know about alternative titles available.
We are not ordering print books at this time. Requests for print books will be dealt with on our return.

Q. How can I access past dissertations?

A. You can find examples of past final year projects and Masters dissertations through our online repository eSource. All dissertations on eSource have received a grade of 60% or higher. If you come across a dissertation that is restricted access, please contact the library and we will send you a copy to your student email. Unfortunately due to copyright restrictions, you will not be able to obtain a copy of any dissertation from 2010 or earlier.

Q. Where can I get information on referencing?

A. The library classes have been recorded and are available online here:

You can also view our online referencing guide here: 

If after viewing these resources you have any queries on referencing please do not hesitate to get in touch with the library staff through email at or through the Ask-a-Librarian webchat, available on every page of the library website.

Q. Can I arrange an online library class?

A. Students looking for help with referencing, finding information and using the library resources can book an online Library Skills Session delivered through Skype. These Skype classes can help you with:

  • Evaluating Information - How to decide if the information found freely on the web is an academic source or not.

  • Finding Information - How to search and retrieve information from the databases that the college subscribes to.

  • Applying Information - How to incorporate the information found into assignments via direct quotes, summarising and paraphrasing.

  • Acknowledging Information - How to reference the information used in assignments and how to avoid plagiarism.



Q. How can I arrange a research methodology support session?

A. Students looking for help with research methods for their postgraduate dissertation can book an online session by clicking the button below

Research Methodology Support is aimed at helping you on aspects of your postgraduate dissertation such as:

  • Refining the research question and objectives.

  • Choosing the correct methodological approach.

  • Designing your questionnaire/interview.



Q. How do I renew my books?

A.You can renew your books online by clicking on the My Library tab at the top of any page on the library website and then selecting Renew My Library Books. You can then login with your Moodle details. Or you can simply clink here.

For more information on how to access your library account click here.

Q. Will I be fined during the closure?

A. No. No fines will accrue to any books on loan during the closed period.

Q. How can I pay my fines?

A. You can pay your library fines by going here:

However the library will not be able to process your fines until the physical library reopens. You will still see your fines on your library account. You will not accrue any new fines during the library closure.

Q. How do I return my books?

A. If you are returning home abroad and have library books that you need to return, we ask that you return them through post. The books can be sent to:

DBS Library,

13/14 Aungier St,


D02 WC04

If you are returning books through post, please let us know either through email ( or through the Ask-a-Library webchat. If you are not heading abroad, you should simply wait until the physical library reopens.

Q. Where do I get updates about exams?

A. For updates surrounding exams, students should check

This will be updated frequently with news of your exams. Students should also check their student email. If you have any further queries please contact or your course director.

Q. Where can I find past exam papers?

A.  Past exam papers can be accessed by going to the eLibrary tab on the top of any page of the library website and selecting Exam Papers. Or you can simply click here.


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