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Printing, Photocopying and Scanning: Printing & Photocopying

Papercut ‘follow me’ : printing  and photocopying

Papercut ‘follow me’ is the Library print and photocopy management system.

You manage your print/photocopy account virtually by topping it up any time with a €1.00,€3.00, €5.00 or a €10.00 token. Tokens are available for purchase at the library desk and you get the value of €11.00 when you buy a €10.00 token!

With your Papercut ‘follow me’ account you can print and photocopy at a rate of €0.07 per black and white page and €0.25 per coloured page.

You will see your Papercut ‘follow me’ account at the top of the screen as soon as you log in to a PC with your Moodle username and password (your student number and the password supplied to you via email)


If your account does not appear at the top of the screen you can open it by clicking on this icon  or by clicking on the arrow at the bottom left corner of the screen

How to manage your Papercut ‘follow me’ account

You top up your account by clicking on the ‘Details’ link.

A new webpage opens up.

You need to log in again (same details as above)

 1. Click on ‘Redeem Card’

 2. Enter your token number

 3. Click on the ‘Redeem  Card’ button and your account is now topped up.

When you enter your token number, you need to enter the entire number, with the letters and hyphens as shown on the screen

How to print and photocopy with Papercut ‘follow me’

PRINT from anywhere in the college!

As soon as you log on to a PC, your Papercut ‘follow me’ account is active.

Each computer in the Library and the College is connected to the ‘follow me’ print server. So when you send a job to print from a PC, your print job enters a queue on the server, and you can then go to any printer in the library or the College, place your student card on the RFID reader attached to the printer, and your print job will appear on the printer screen. You can then decide to print it or to cancel it.

It’s easy, and fast!

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