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Ready to Learn?

Your First Step on Your Learning Journey


The Library and SESU have designed a 12 week programme to support students during the initial stages of the DBS journey. The programme is made of four phases, each designed to provide you with certain critical skills and competencies that you will need in order to fast track your development. Each phase includes a series of targeted resources and events.

This programme will begin in week 1 of your first semester and finish in week 12 of this semester. This semester runs from the 27th of April to the 22nd of July.

Library Essentials


The Library Essentials guide is designed to provide key information for new Library users. It will explain the services the library offers and how to access them.


The Library staff are also available in person and online to help with any of your queries

This Week's Recommended Resource


The recommended resource for this week is our Assignment Planning Guide. As you move into your next stage of learning here at DBS, this guide will give you an introduction to academic assignments and provide you with tips and tricks to plan a great essay!

Another resource available to you, in case you missed it or want a refresher, is the college's online induction program. It can be accessed by logging into your student account and clicking the link above. This induction contains academic, IT and student support information to get you started.


We're planning to do a Focus Group starting on Thursday, May 26th! Sign up, get some free donuts and give us some of that sweet, sweet feedback!

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