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Shibboleth: Emerald

Login to Emerald using Shibboleth

Go to this page

You will be taken to this page. Note the Login to Dawson Books Ltd is for illustrative purposes only.  This page will display the name of the resource to which you want to login.

Enter the username and password that you use to login to Moodle and college PCs and click Login.  On first login, you will see this page


This page tells you what information is being shared with the resource (for Dawsonera it is that you are associated with Dublin Business School).  For other resources, slightly different information may be shared, such as your mail address).  You can choose:

  • to see this page the next time you login
  • to see this page only if the shared information changes
  • not to see this page again

You can change your choice via ticking this box on the login page next time you login.

Click Accept, and you will be logged in.  If you reject the sharing of this data, you cannot login.


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