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Urkund: Staff Urkund Guide

Urkund is used as part of an overall DBS strategy to enhance the institution’s academic integrity. To support this strategy, all DBS faculty are required to use Urkund. This guide provides instructions to faculty on how to facilitate the submission of student coursework via Urkund on Moodle.  As per the DBS Plagiarism Detection Policy, Urkund is also used as an educational tool. For this reason students are permitted to submit draft copies via Urkund before the due date. Once students submit the final version Lecturers will only receive the final version of the assignment.

For more tips and advice to students. You can consult the Urkund Plagiarism Handbook:

Urkund Accounts

DBS will set you up with an Urkund account automatically. This will generate an individual Urkund email address. Please enter the Urkund email address that you receive into the Urkund Plugin on the module page on Moodle as outlined below. The Urkund email address that you receive will be in the following format:


Please note that the Urkund email address is entered once into the Urkund plugin and remains your permanent Urkund email address. Do not change this email address. 

1. Click on SUBMISSION SETTINGS on ‘add new assignment’ ensure that ‘Require Students click submit button’ is YES

2. Click URKUND PLAGIARISM PLUGIN on the ‘add new assignment’ page to expand the section. Your Urkund email address is inserted in receiver address, select the options below. 

It usually takes about 24 hours for Urkund to generate a report, however at busy times this can take more than that. Please advise your students to allow plenty of time before the assignment deadline in order to receive the similarity report back and make any changes needed. Students will receive an email from Urkund (to the student email address) as soon as they submit. 

You will see the similarity of a submitted document as a % in a colour coded box in the ‘view/grade all submissions’ section of the assignment. Urkund uses a traffic light system. You can view the report by clicking the Urkund link.

Urkund Traffic Lights

Urkund uses a traffic light system when displaying matching similarity. Green and yellow indicate either little or no matched text. In   these circumstances matched text is very likely due to references, questions and cover sheets being the same. When the colours are orange, red or black, further investigation is recommended.


The source section illustrates sources that match the assignment. 

The section highlighted in orange shows a 100% match with text from the source mentioned on the right.

For further information see Moodle Urkund Support page

Derek Monaghan is the institutional contact for Urkund at Dublin Business School. His email address is