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Law journals and databases

DBS provides access to a wide range of databases, journals and law reports related to law.



How to search for journals & databases?

Keep your first search simple

Articles can be found by entering the article title into the search box.

Put the exact title of the article in inverted commas (" ") to ensure better results. 

If this does not work, then search for the name of the whole Journal instead e.g. "Journal of Business Ethics". Use the year and volume number to locate the specific article. 

Useful filters to consider to narrow your search include peer reviewed, date, language and format filters. 

How to search law reports?

Irish Law Reports Monthly [ILRM] can be found on Westlaw while Irish Reports [IR] and unreported Irish judgements can be located on Vlex Justis

Featured database

vLex Justis is a full text online legal library of Irish case law, providing full-text access to the Irish Reports [IR] and unreported Irish judgements.

Where are law journals & databases?

All your important law databases can be found here.

All your important law journals can be found either on the Full Text Journal Finder or individual law database

How to reference journal articles and law reports?

OSCOLA Ireland is a specific style of referencing, developed for the referencing of legal materials.  Advice on referencing journal articles and law reports can be found in our OSCOLA referencing guide.

Types of journals & databases

Irish reports come in two forms . Irish Reports (IR) and Irish Law Reports Monthly (ILRM)

Law databases contain law reports, legislation and case law, court rules, journals, current awareness, and access to selected commentary titles.

Different databases will mainly focus on either Irish or UK or international sources.

Law journals can provide the most current information on a topic. Journals can be differentiated in terms of peer and non peer reviewed journals. The peer review filter can often help you distinguish between peer review and non peer reviewed journals.