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PARC 23 - Practical Applied Research Conference at DBS

2023 Conference

May 25-26, 2023

Castle House Room 3.10

Dublin Business School, Dublin, Ireland

The Practical Applied Research Conference (PARC) at DBS is an online virtual conference, organised by the DBS Research Committee, that celebrates the value of applied research. We can view applied research as  “research that is conducted for practical reasons and thus often has an immediate application. The results are usually actionable and recommend changes to increase effectiveness and efficiency in selected areas” (Lewis-Breck, Bryman, and Futing Liao, 2004). So, as you can see, this is wide open and is especially applicable to research in the business and education field. 

The conference is our second PARC event and is an opportunity to share the results of applied research projects beyond your own discipline and to generate a conversation about the experience of conducting applied projects with researchers from across a range of academic disciplines.

Papers presented at the conference will be hosted on the DBS Institutional Repository eSource. Participants at the conference are also welcome to submit their projects for peer review in a future edition of the DBS Business Review.

The conference organisers would particularly welcome submissions that discuss cross-discipline applied research and/or are from collaborations between academics and students.  

This conference offers researchers from all disciplines the opportunity to exchange ideas and practical experience of the specific aspects of applied research—challenges, problems, issues, solutions— with fellow practitioners.  We welcome submissions about both the experience of conducting applied research and the results of applied research projects.


PARC welcomes submissions about the results of applied research projects as well as papers that discuss the experience of applied research in different contexts.  We also welcome papers and opinion pieces that consider specific issues with applied research. These papers could consider some of the following questions:

  • What is applied research? 
  • What distinguishes practical research from basic research?  
  • What challenges are there for applied researchers?  
  • What are the funding opportunities for applied research? 
  • What are the ethical challenges with applied research?  

Submission Types

Abstract submissions are requested in four categories:

Applied Research and Practice Projects (300 word abstract for a 20 min presentation)

Outline a research project that you were involved in, present your results, and discuss the process of conducting this study.

Commentary on Applied Research and Practice Experiences (200 word abstract for a 10 min presentation)

Tell us about your reflections on the experience of applied research, whether this pertains to one project or your experience over many projects. 

Applied Research and Practice Proposal (200 words)

In five minutes, tell us about a proposal for an applied research project.

Digital/Physical Poster (150 word description)

Give an overview of an applied research project that you were involved with.  Your poster is for display on the conference web site or in the presentation room.