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PARC at Dublin Business School: Programme





Thursday 12th May

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Conference opening


Opening speech
Andrew Conlan-Trent
10:15 Keynote speech
Dr Michelle Flood

Research Accelerator

11:00 The Research Accelerator Project: The Little Project with Big Wings 
Dr Marta Bustillo & Dr Andrew Browne
11:20 A Research Accelerator for Incoming Masters Students
Dr Andrew Browne
11:40 The Development of a Measurement Instrument to Assess Learner-Teacher  Roles and Expectations
Dr Ciara Devine
12:00 Q&A


12:15  Creating Composites as Evidence Based Research into an Approach to Counselling Therapy (The Experience of the Propeller Model Approach) 
Dr Kevin Stevenson
12:35  Sexual Minority Discrimination Today: Implications for Relationship Satisfaction, Passionate Love and Communication Apprehension
Dr Pauline Hyland
12:55  Newly Qualified Irish Primary School Teachers’ Experiences and  Understandings of Reinforcement and Punishment.
Edel Horan & Dr John Hyland
13:15  Segmentation of intentions towards covid-19 vaccine acceptance
Claire Rountree 
13:35  Q&A
13:50 Lunch


14:30  The shifting boundaries of academic work in Technological Universities in Ireland: challenges and opportunities
Tanya Zubrzycki
14:50  Can classroom conversations contribute to the curriculum? Children's perception of the Aistear Framework.
Paula Kelly and Dr. Tash O'Donnell 
15:10  A Student's Guide to Adopting Bourdieusian perspective and Reflexivity in Action Research
Vanessa Hogarty
15:30  Crisis Communications – Keys to Successful Global Crisis Communications
John Noble
15:50 Philosophy as Action
Dr. Siobhan Doyle
16:00 Q&A


16:15 The decentralising effects of De-Fi Technologies after consideration of economies of  scale, example population Ireland.
Clara McMahon
16:35 Globalisation in an age of Strongmen.
Dr PJ Paul
16:55 Q&A


17:10  H20 Deep Learning Versus Ensemble Machine Learning Method for Building Energy Efficiency Prediction
Temitope Abogunloko 
17:30  Graph learning approaches to extract actionable insights from electronic health records
  Terri Hoare


Friday 13th May



09:00  Mis/Adventures in Applied Research in Filmmaking: Who Pays the Piper?
Conor Murphy, Dr James Fair & Dr Barnaby Taylor
09:20  Examining a Hybrid Film Studio Model: Towards a Global Film School
Dr James Fair, Conor Murphy
09:40  voicesonfilm: Collaborative Creativity meets Practice, Platforms and Pedagogy – A Manifesto
Dr Barnaby Taylor
10:00 Screening of short films from the voicesonfilm platform
10:15  Q&A

Research proposals

10:35  Establishing the feasibility of the Evidence-Based Practices for Autism, Implementation in Mainstream schools (EBP-AIM) Toolkit: A Research Proposal
Dr. Lorna Barry
10:45  Hospital librarians’ perception of their contribution to evidence-based practice (EBP) in healthcare settings in Ireland.
David Keane
10:55  Assessing construction professionals' perception of the effectiveness of safety management tasks on safety culture within the Irish construction sector.
David Hayde
11:05 Comparative study of Image processing algorithms on X-Ray Images to detect defects on weld
Nikith Muralidhar
11:15 Unmasking- Analysing the experiences of Irish women diagnosed as adults with ASD
Frankie Nesirky
11:25 Exploring multilingual identity through culture teaching in adult mandarin learning study abroad situations using narrative inquiry and analysis
Jun Yan
11:35 Application Of Feature Engineering and Dimensionality Reduction Techniques  To Build Credit Card Fraud Detection Model
Mansi Garach
11:45 A comparative analysis of customer churn using ANN and Random Forest algorithm
Oluwaseyifunmi Qudus Orenuga
12.00 Learners’ reflecting on learning outcomes: How does this influence the learning experience?
  Anne Burlinson & Ali Dench
12:10 Lunch


12:50 Commentary on Applied Research Experience
Dr Paul McEvoy
13:10 Successful Collaboration in Online Learning through Skills and Community Building: A Women in Leadership MBA Subject Applied Research Case Study.
Vanessa Stafford
13:30 Reflections on using Web 2.0 technologies in an online environment in higher education
Dr Juergen Rudolph
13:40 An introduction to the Journal of Applied Learning & Teaching
Dr Juergen Rudolph
13:50 Group Work and Online Teaching
Declan Scully
14:00 Q&A


14:15 The bare body, machines, and language in Kafka’s ‘In der Strafkolonie’ (‘In the Penal Colony) and two short texts by Beckett (‘Imagination Dead Imagine’ and ‘Ping’): From the First World War to a certain ‘special military operation.
Dr Michael Kane
14:35 Solaris at 50: the challenge of re-voicing Tarkovsky's science fiction masterpiece.
Matthew Nolan
14:55 Ireland becomes a dominion of the British Empire/Commonwealth in 1922, how did the other dominions feel about that?
Dr Micheal O'Fathartaigh
15:15 Q&A


15:30 Activity Theory:  an ideal conceptual framework for applied research?
Dr Tony Murphy
15:50 Social-Constructivism and the Pathway to Employment
Rita Day
16:10 An Examination of Privacy Concerns in the Smart Environment
Ieva Masevic
16:30 Development of an Evidence Response to COVID-19
Ronan Hegarty
16:50 Case Study Workshop
Ann Lane
17:10 Q&A

Conference close

17:20 Posters and Proposal Awards
17:30 Closing notes




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