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When using legislation, you need to be aware of several factors:

  • Is legislation in its original form or has it been amended? (Legislation is often revised to ensure it is still applicable)
  • Has this legislation been repealed or revoked?
  • Does the legislation require subsequent approval to bring it into force?

Useful websites

Law Reform Commission of Ireland is the statutory body established under the Law Reform Commission Act 1975 to review legislation and make recommendations for reform. Includes full text of reports and papers.

Useful databases


Vlex Justis  includes Irish Acts from 1939 (with some gaps) and  Statutory Instruments (1998 to present).

Westlaw UK provides UK Acts from 1267, court decisions and Statutory Instruments.




Useful international source

European Court of Human Rights is the official website of the European Court of Human Rights

The Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations is a very useful resource for locating full titles of journals and reports.

Useful Irish Source

The Irish Statute Book database comprises the Acts of the Oireachtas and  Statutory Instruments.


How to reference legislation?

Advice on referencing journal articles can be found in our OSCOLA referencing guide.