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Collections: Books

Print book collection

A print collection of over 40,000 books is located in DBS Library in Aungier Street. The print collection is comprised of a Reference Collection and a Main Lending Collection.

Loantypes for print materials in the main lending collection are assigned based on expected usage of items and include:

  • 3-day loan (for law collection only)
  • 7-day loan
  • 2-week loan

Reading list books are generally assigned as 7-day loans.

All items may be renewed up to 15 times as long there are no fines on the library account and the items have not been reserved by another user.

Library Catalogue

The library catalogue, Koha, can be used to search for books, eBooks, DVDs, eDissertations. 

Use the search box below to search the library catalogue.



All print books at DBS Library



Shelf locations

Once you have found the book you want on the library catalogue the next step is to locate it on the shelf in the library. This is done by first noting the bay number and call number (also known as class number).

Main Lending bays are numbered from 1 - 16.  A is assigned to the front of a bay and B to the back of the back.

The collection is organized to allow for optimum access to the library’s resources. This library uses the Dewey Decimal Classification scheme (DDC) to arrange books on the shelves so they may be easily retrieved. It allows items about the same subject to be shelved together. The first three letters of the author's surname are also added to the class number to aid retrieval.

Dewey has 10 main classes:

  • 000 - 099 = General Works, Computer Science & Information
  • 100 - 199 = Philosophy & Psychology
  • 200 - 299 = Religion
  • 300 - 399 = Social sciences
  • 400 - 499 = Language
  • 500 - 599 = Science
  • 600 - 699 = Technology
  • 700 - 799 = Arts & recreation
  • 800 - 899 = Literature
  • 900 - 999 = History & Geography

These main classes are then divided into subtopics.  The longer the Dewey number, the more specific the subject is.  For instance, works on film would be 791.43, but if you wanted French film it would be at 791.430944.

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