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Collections: eBooks

 You can choose to Read Online where you will be able to:

  • add notes to pages and share your notes with other users
  • search within the full text of the eBook
  • copy/print a portion of the eBook (page allowance set by publisher)

 If you choose to Download, you will be able to:

  • choose to borrow the eBook for 1-3 days for some publishers and 2 hours for other publishers
  • save the eBook to your disk or drive for that number of days
  • download the eBook again once it has expired

You will not be able to print/copy a downloaded eBook

Sometimes books will have an Add to queue button. This means the maximum number of people are already reading the book, but you can choose to be notified when it is available. 

  Dawsonera also allows short previews to over 400,000 titles that we don't yet own


  You can suggest a title for purchase after you have previewed it



Kindle eBooks

The library has a number of kindle eReaders preloaded with Kindle eBooks. These can be borrowed at the Library Information Desk. Use the links below to view details of titles available on the Kindles.



Freud Standard Editions on PepArchive Database

The 24 volumes of the Standard Edition of the Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud are available full-text via the PepArchive database on EBSCO.

If you are looking for volume 4 for example just type BR "SE.004" into the search field for PepArchive. The results returned will list all the sections of that particular volume.

Or you can use the links below.

Volume 1

Open Today


More hours