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Library Rules and Regulations are authorised by the School Executive of Dublin Business School and are subject to annual review.

It is the responsibility of all Library users to be aware of these regulations

The purpose of the Rules is to safeguard the interests of all readers and to enable the Library to carry out its main functions of supporting study, teaching and research.

1.1. All users must have a current id card to gain entry  to the Library. User include current college staff , alumni or external members.  ID. cards can only be used by designated cardholder.

1.2. All users must be prepared to show the current library id to library or security staff on request.

2.1. Bottled and covered drinks are allowed as well cold snacks and sweets can be consumed in the library.

2.2. Please dispose of any litter that you may have in any of the bins located throughout the Library.

2.3. Phones should be set to silent in the library. Phone calls are not permitted in the library.

2.4. The Library will not be responsible for any personal property left unattended, mislaid or stolen.

2.5. Use PCs in the Library according the DBS code of Conduct.

2.6. Any study place left unattended for 15 minutes or more may be used by another individual.

3.1. Users are required to leave the Library promptly during emergency situations and evacuations and also at closing times.

4.1. Library materials or equipment may not be taken from the Library without proper checkout or authorisation.

4.2. Library materials must be returned on or by the loan due date or upon request by the Library. Fines are charged on overdue items.

4.3. Library materials must be returned correctly.

4.4. Library materials must not be mutilated, defaced or damaged in any way.

4.5. Examination results may be withheld until all books on loan have been returned and outstanding fines paid.

4.6. Staff members pursuing a course of studies in the College must revert to student status on their Library accounts throughout the duration of their studies.

4.7. Staff members ceasing employment with the college must also clear their fines and return all outstanding materials.

4.8. Library users who are sick must ensure that Library materials are returned in as prompt fashion as is possible. Books can be returned to the Library by a third party on behalf of the Library user. Alternatively items can be posted to the Library or returned by an alternative method agreed upon with the Library Manager. Upon the production of a medical certificate any fines incurred on the Library user’s account for the dates covered by the certificate will be waived.

4.9. Library staff reserve the right to lend, to refuse to lend or to recall a book at any time.

4.10. Be mindful of copyright and other legislation in respect of electronic resources use and photocopying of print resources.

4.11. Borrowers will be charged the replacement cost and fines of any book lost, damaged or not returned to the library.

5.1. Users with fines over €10.00 will be unable to borrow new items, but will still be able to renew items as long as the fine is below €40.00. Fines above €40.00 will completely freeze a library account until they are addressed.

5.2. Borrowers are responsible for all items issued on their cards.

5.3. Borrowing privileges may be withdrawn from those who fail to return items that have been recalled by the library or who fail to pay library fines on overdue material.

5.4. Books being taken out of the Library must be shown to staff if requested.

5.5. Borrowers are not permitted to transfer an item they have borrowed to another person.

5.6. Books may be renewed if not requested by another borrower and if the fines on the user’s Library account do not exceed €40.00 for students. There is a maximum of fifteen renewals for undergraduates , postgraduates, staff and five for alumni and external borrowers.

5.7. If an item is placed on hold by another borrower, it will have to be returned to the library by the present due date, regardless of the number of renewals still left on the item.

5.8. Students who take a break from the course may continue to avail of library services for 1 year by purchasing a special membership for deferred students. Terms and conditions apply. For more information, please contact the library at:

5.9. Email reminders are a courtesy service only. Users should always refer to the due date shown on the self-issue machine receipt.Users are responsible for renewing and returning items on their account in a timely manner.

5.10. Keep all details of your library record up to date.

6.1. If a request to comply with the above rules is ignored any one or more of the following sanctions may apply: suspension or removal of borrowing privileges, application of fines and replacements fees, being refused entry to the library, being asked to leave the library , disciplinary action by the Dean and other disciplinary action deemed appropriate.

6.2. In any of the above circumstances, the user has a right to a hearing before the Head Librarian.


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