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MyEBSCOhost accounts

by David Hughes on 2019-05-01T13:26:13+01:00 | Comments


If you don't have a MyEBSCOhost account, you don't need to read this (though if you don't have one and are interested in ths strange concept, please click on this link)

If you use a MyEBSCOhost account , then do read on.

When you create a new My EBSCOhost account or update the password for your existing My EBSCOhost, you are required to create a strong password.  The EBSCO system determines password strength based on a variety of criteria, using an algorithm to determine the strength of the password entered. Key attributes that our algorithm requires include:

  • Include at least one number
  • Include at least one special character (!, @, #, etc.  A space is not a valid special character.)
  • Password must be at least 6 characters
  • Password cannot include your user ID
  • Password cannot include the following words or parts of words: ebsco, ehost, password, pa$$word, dynamed, admin, p@ss, p@$$, pa$$

As you begin to enter a value into the password field, the strength indicator reflects how strong your password is using both color and strength value (red=weak vs. green=strong).

When your password meets the requirements, the indicator displays that your password is strong and you can retype the password in the next field to confirm it.

This does NOT affect your regular EBSCO login with your Moodle username and password


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