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Psychology and Social Science subject guide

This guide is created to aid students in any of the psychology and social science courses offered at DBS.

How to search for past exams and theses?

Exam papers

You can find more on searching exam papers here


Theses can be found on DBS eSource. eSource is our open-access institutional repository. It contains the full-text dissertations, articles, book chapters, and conference papers from DBS staff and students.

When should I use past exams papers and theses?

Exam papers.

Exam papers can be great study tools for exams. They can be used in several different ways. You can use past exam papers to understand the structure, layout and topics covered. Also, you can use exam papers to practice writing exams in a timely fashion. 


It would be considered best practice not to cite directly from a thesis but  rather you can comb through the references list at the end of the thesis to see if any of the sources used are suitable sources for your research. The reason you are advised not to cite theses directly is that theses are not peer- reviewed. Generally, the sources you use in your dissertation should be peer reviewed.