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How to: Ouriginal for Staff

Accessing the report

You will see the similarity of a submitted document as a % in a colour coded box in the 'View/Grade all submissions' section of the assignment. Ouriginal uses a traffic light system. You can view the report by clicking on the Ouriginal link.

Ouriginal uses a traffic light system when displaying matching similarity. Green and yellow indicate either little or no matched text. In these circumstances matched text is very likely due to references, questions and cover sheets being the same. When the colours are orange , red or black , further investigation is recommended.

Please note that the traffic light system only indicates if text is matching another source. It cannot determine if referencing, quotation or assignment templates are correct, so the percentage of a report might be high but academic judgement is always required on your behalf - no case of suspect impropriety will be reviewed if it's based entirely on a higher percentage score without a lecturer verifying that those matches cannot be accounted for.

Understanding the report

The source section illustrates sources that match the assignment. The section highlighted in orange shows a 100% match with text from the source mentioned on the right. The sections highlighted in blue show text that is in inverted commas, indicating a quotation.