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Research Impact and Visibility: ORCID

ORCiD stands for Open Researcher and Contributor ID. It is a non-proprietary, international author disambiguation service offering a persistent digital identifier that distinguishes you from every other researcher, throughout your career.


  • Your own persistent digital identifier, which distinguishes you from all other researchers worldwide, throughout your career
  • Quickly and easily link your research outputs and profiles
  • Fulfils publisher and funder mandates
  • To make your research and teaching activities known
  • To increase the chance of publications getting cited
  • To correct attribution, names and affiliations
  • To make sure that as much as possible is counted in research assessments
  • To increase the chance of new contacts for research cooperation
  • To increase the chance of funding
  • To serve society better

There are many things you can do to enhance the visibility of your research output:

  • Analyse who is using your research and through which channels
  • Avoid journals that are not well-indexed
  • Create an ORCID
  • Blog and tweet selectively on your research topic
  • Deposit your publications eSource
    Produce a short video pitch on your main research topic
  • Publish Open Access (link to Open Access publishing page)
  • Share an early version of your paper as pre-print (ArXivRepEcSSRN etc.)
  • Share your data (e.g. FigShare, etc.)
  • Upload full text of your papers to your researcher profiles or your own website (see e.g. Dr Piotr Sadowski)
  • Use a stable and full author name and affiliation
  • Use research profiles to unambiguously link publications to you

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