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Evaluating Websites: You should always ask the question ‘Is this website reliable?’ when using the internet for research. Check out the guide to ‘Evaluating Websites’ for further details.
Type In-Text Citation Reference List
Web page with an individual author … 14% of all 9-11 year olds already had significant hearing loss (Gottlieb and Gottlieb, 2018). Gottlieb, J. and Gottlieb, J. (2018) ‘Custom earbuds could save your hearing. Why haven’t they taken off?’. Available at: 

(Accessed: 16 November 2018).

Web page with an organisation as author ... outlines the measures government departments have taken to remove barriers to employment creation (Department of Enterprise, Trade and Innovation, 2018). Department of Enterprise, Trade and Innovation (2018) ‘Action-Plan-for-Jobs-2018-First-ProgressReport.pdf`. Available at (Accessed: 16 November 2018).

Web page with no author ...explains the features of an investment scam (Investments Scams, 2018).                                     Investments Scams (2018) Available at (Accessed: 16 November 2018).

Web page with no author and no date The prime minister will say "progress will not always be smooth" Theresa May: 'We can prove Brexit doomsayers wrong' (2017). Available at (Accessed: 9th Oct 2017).




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