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Library Policies: Library Policies

Library Rules and Regulations are authorised by the Schools Executive of Dublin Business School and are subject to an annual review.

It is the responsibility of all Library users to be aware of these regulations.

The purpose of the Rules is to safeguard the interests of all readers and to enable the Library to carry out its main functions of supporting study, teaching and research.

1.1. Access to the Library is restricted to registered students, staff of the College, alumni and external members of the Library.

1.2. Registered Library users must be in possession of a valid student card issued by Dublin Business School for the current period of study.  Student cards are issued by Library staff to alumni and external members.

1.3. Online databases can only be accessed by registered students and staff of the College both on and off campus. Alumni members are permitted to use designated online databases only; both on and off campus. External borrowers are permitted to use online databases in the Library only. 

1.4. A valid  student card must be presented when requested by a member of library staff.

1.5 Students who take a break from the course may continue to use the library with permission of the Library Manager.

2.1. Each person entitled to borrow must present a valid student card whenever an item is borrowed.  Books should be returned by the due date indicated.

2.2. All items to be borrowed must be issued to the borrower before they are removed from the Library. Postgraduate students are permitted to borrow 15 items at a time; undergraduate students: 8 items; staff: 15 items and alumni and external members: 4 items. Staff members pursuing a course of studies in the College must revert to student status on their Library accounts throughout the duration of their studies.

2.3. Users may not use another Library user’s card for borrowing purposes. Users are responsible for all material borrowed in his/her name. His/her responsibility is not transferable and ends only when the appropriate return procedure has been completed.

2.4. Books being taken out of the Library must be shown to staff if requested.

2.5. All users are requested to provide their personal contact details. Change of address must be notified to the library in a timely fashion.

2.6. Notice will be given on all overdue books. Users must return all overdue books immediately after notice has been issued.  The item receipt will provide details of the official due date. The gentle reminder emails that are dispatched by the library are a courtesy service. The gentle reminder emails have no legal status.

2.7. Library materials may be renewed and borrowed where there are no reservations on these materials and fines on the user’s Library account do not exceed €10.00 for students. There is a maximum of twelve consecutive renewals for undergraduates and postgraduates, six for staff and five for alumni and external borrowers.

2.8. Fines are charged on items returned late. A rate of 0.60 cent per day applies for the late return of all Library materials and is applied to all registered users of the Library.

2.9. No further items may be borrowed or renewed by a user with fines in excess €10.00 for students.

2.10. Library users who are sick must ensure that Library materials are returned in as prompt fashion as is possible. Books can be returned to the Library by a third party on behalf of the Library user.  Alternatively items can be posted to the Library or returned by an alternative method agreed upon with the Library Manager. Upon the production of a medical certificate any fines incurred on the Library user’s account for the dates covered by the certificate will be waived.

2.11. Library staff reserve the right to lend, to refuse to lend or to recall a book at any time.

2.12. Examination results will be withheld if a student has outstanding fines and/or overdue books on their account.

3.1. The Library is a silent study area. Users must not act in a manner that is disruptive or offensive to users or Library staff members.

3.2. Users must not intentionally damage or deface library property.

3.3. Bottled and covered drinks are allowed. Food is not permitted.

3.4. All mobile phones are to be switched to ‘silent’ prior to entering the Library. Please do not take or make calls or allow phones to ring in the Library space.

3.5. Library staff reserve the right to impose and collect fines of €5.00 per infringement of regulations 3.1, 3.3 and 3.4. In the case of users must pay the cost of intentional damage to Library property.

3.6. Users must not reserve library desks for themselves or others. Any space left unoccupied for more than 15 minutes, may be taken by another user. Library Staff will remove items left on unoccupied desks.

3.7. Computing resources are provided for educational and research purposes only. The resources must not be used for any illegal obscene or recreational use. Persons found accessing such material may be expelled from the College.

4.1. Users who breach the above regulations may be asked to leave the Library.

4.2. Library books lost or damaged must be replaced. A fee for the cost of replacing the item (or if this item is unavailable a similar item of equal value), and a processing fee of €10.00 will be imposed. Failure to pay the cost of lost or damaged material can result in the matter being referred to the College’s Legal Team.

4.3. Failure to respond to overdue and recall notices may lead to the withdrawal of borrowing rights and access to electronic resources.

4.4. Failure to clear outstanding fines may lead to exclusion from the Library.

4.5. Unauthorized removal of material from the Library is a serious offence and will be treated as such. Any person found removing material illegally from the Library will be asked to report directly to the Library Manager. A fine of €10.00 will be imposed for the first breach of this rule. Any subsequent breach will result in referral to the Academic Disciplinary Committee and possible expulsion from the library.

4.6. Serious breaches of regulations will lead to the suspension or termination of library privileges.

4.7. In any of the above circumstances, the user has a right to a hearing before the Library Manager.

4.8. Upon completing a course of study at Dublin Business School, before exam results are issued or any award conferred, Library users must clear outstanding debts to the Library and return all outstanding material. It is the responsibility of all students to ensure that all accounts have been cleared at the end of the academic year.

4.9. Students leaving the college before the completion of his/her course of study must also must clear outstanding debts to the Library and return all outstanding material.  Staff members ceasing employment with the college must also clear their fines and return all outstanding materials. Alumni and external members not renewing their membership must clear their fines and return all outstanding material.


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