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DBS institutional repository (eSource)

Staff submissions

We encourage all DBS staff to deposit their research output into eSource.  

There are several reasons why you consider depositing your work in eSource. These include: 

  • Deposited work gets maximum exposure as eSource is indexed by Google, Google Scholar and all other major search engines. 
  • Many funders require researchers to make their research publications available to all via open access and eSource presents an opportunity to meet these funders' requirements.
  • eSource is an open access repository therefore the material is available to the widest possible audience which may contribute to more citations of your work which in turn may improve your reputation as a researcher (Piwowar et al, 2018).
  • You still retain all the rights to your work.
  • It allows your work to be preserved in a single safe long term location. 

The repository accepts a wide variety of work from thesis to journal articles and from reports to conferences papers. The library will assist you with issues that may arise when submitting research to an institutional repository such as which version to submit and embargos etc. 

To have your material included in eSource you can email: [email protected] 

eSource will be immeasurably improved by holding YOUR content.