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Psychology and Social Science subject guide

This guide is created to aid students in any of the psychology and social science courses offered at DBS.

Choosing the right sources

It can be difficult picking out the right sources. As a student here at DBS you are expected to use high quality literature and sources in your assignments. You'll need to be able to find and use a variety of sources to develop your research skills.

Use the resources on this page to help you plan and run your searches

Quick tips on searching

The amount of information returned from a regular search can be overwhelming to the inexperienced researcher, however there are a number of skills and techniques that can be used that will help you find the information you need. This includes: 

  • Use Boolean operators AND, OR and NOT to link, connect or exclude words from your search. 
  • Use phrase searching (putting phrases within quotation marks) to specify that a group of words/phrases must be in exact order. 
  • It is unusual you will find everything you need in one resource. Therefore, consider searching another resource if you do not find what you are looking for.
  • Try using different keywords and keyword word combinations to expand your search results. 
  • Don’t use full sentences or questions in your search. 

Contact us

If you cannot find the resource please contact the library. We may be aware of resources to search that you may not have considered. 

You can also suggest the library purchase a book you cannot locate. The link is on this page

Have you considered these other options?

Consider reading other work by the same author 

Often authors will write several works about a topic. If the others works are available, you could read those. 

Try using Google Scholar.

Google Scholar has links to freely available resources. Take note - sometimes the resources do require institutional access.

Further, if you search for an article that was useful to you in your research on Google Scholar. When you find said article, there is a link showing all of the sources that have cited that article.

While this does tell you how many times this article has been cited, it is also a clickable link. When you click this link, it will show a list of all of the articles that cited said article.

Some of these will be accessible to you and others will not. If you come across an article that is crucial for your research but you don't have access to it, the library staff will do their best to assist you in obtaining access to the article. The articles that have referenced the original article you're interested in are likely to be the most recent and relevant to your topic.

Request access from the author directly.

You can request access from the author by emailing them or through the repository you found the item. They may send you a copy of their article if it's for research purposes.

Visit other libraries.

You can always try searching the public libraries here in Ireland if we don't have a copy of the book here at DBS. You can find more information on searching the Dublin City Public Library here.

Contact the library.

Sometimes those resources you're looking for are tricky to find! You can always contact the library directly and we can see if we can find it in the library for you.

Still stuck?

Book a class!