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Academic Integrity

What is academic integrity?

Academic Integrity is defined as 'the commitment to, and demonstration of, honest and moral behaviour in an academic setting' (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Writing Center), and involves 'compliance with ethical and professional principles, standards, practices and consistent systems of values, that serves as guidance for making decisions and taking actions in education, research and scholarship' (ENAI).

DBS Academic Impropriety Policy

The DBS Academic Impropriety Policy is set out in our Quality Assurance Handbook, Part B, Section 3.3.

As a student of DBS, you are expected to respect and follow the principles and rules of academic integrity that are mentioned in the DBS Quality Assurance Handbook, including those that relate to plagiarism, copyright, cheating and collusion, among others. These expectations are set out in our Quality Assurance Handbook, Part B, Section 4.

Please take the time to read it and understand what is expected of you as a student of DBS.

What does this mean?

In general...

  • Be punctual.
  • Pay attention in class.
  • Make sure you're prepared for class.
  • Meet your deadlines.
  • Respect your lecturers and your fellow learners.