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How To: Assignment Planning

What is an academic assignment?

An essay is your opinion about a little bit of a subject, in which you use evidence to support your opinion.

(Mounsey, 2002, p.9)

This guide details steps in planning & writing a piece of written academic work such as an essay. Ideally it should discuss and analyse all aspects of your topic, making reference to research and studies, which back up your own thoughts and opinions.  

Two elements to an academic assignment

  1. Research - use other sources to back up your argument but be sure to reference them fully to avoid committing plagiarism.
  2. Your own Critical Thinking, Opinions & Insights – as backed by up your research

The 6 Step Process

The 6 steps are an integral part of the assignment planning workshop. You can view the slides below or sign up for the workshop here.


Book Workshop

Assignment Planning Slides

Click on the image below to access the slides.