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Library Essentials

Borrowing Terms and Conditions

  1. All items must be correctly checked out against the borrower’s account. 
  2. Borrowers are responsible for all items issued on their accounts.
  3. There is a maximum of 8 renewals permitted on any item. Books may be renewed if not requested by another borrower. 
  4. If an item is placed on hold by another borrower, it will have to be returned to the library by the current due date, regardless of the number of renewals still left on the item.
  5. Borrowers are not permitted to transfer an item they have borrowed to another person.
  6. Borrowers using self-checkout stations may be requested to show checked items to staff upon leaving the library or if the door sensor detects items that may not have been correctly checked.  
  7. Borrowing privileges may be withdrawn from those who fail to return items that have been recalled by the library or who fail to pay replacement charges.
  8. Email reminders are a courtesy service only. Users should always refer to the due date shown on their account. Users are responsible for renewing and returning items to the library in a timely manner.
  9. Charges of  €0.60 per day for each overdue item/book. Users with fines over €10.00 will be unable to borrow new items, but will still be able to renew items as long as the fine is below €40.00. 
  10. Borrowers will be charged the replacement cost and fines of any book lost, damaged or not returned to the library.


If a request to comply with the above rules is ignored any one or more of the following sanctions may apply: 

  • suspension or removal of borrowing privileges, 

  • application of fines and replacement fees,

  • loss of borrowing rights for a defined period,

  • loss of all borrowing rights.

In any of the above circumstances, the user has a right to a hearing before the Head Librarian.


Library Fines Exemption Policy

Fines incurred from overdue items will normally only be waived in line with the circumstances described below. All items are subject to recall when reserved by another borrower.

If you feel your circumstances match those within the policy, then please contact us to discuss waiving fines.

Circumstances Accepted: 

  • Medical exemption 
  • Bereavement or exceptional circumstances or family issues 
  • Serious and unforeseeable transport or weather related difficulties 

Circumstances Not Accepted:

  • Borrower didn’t realise/forgot to check emails/didn’t check library account 
  • Borrower is away from campus at a conference, on placement, or on business related to their work/studies 
  • Borrower lives at a distance 
  • Borrower returned to family home during vacation (International students going home)
  • Borrower has been on holiday 
  • Temporary loss of access to email/internet (including work place restrictions) 
  • Items stolen or damaged while at home 
  • Email reminders not received 
  • Charges accrued when ID card has been loaned to a friend or an item has been loaned and then lent to a friend