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Library Essentials

Support at DBS

DBS aims to provide appropriate advice, support & information to help all students with disabilities. If you are a new student and need to apply for Reasonable Accommodations, please register with the Disability and Inclusion Officer to ensure that reasonable accommodations are in place.

Please call into the Student Services Hub in Castle House or email [email protected] for more.

DBS also has established a Student Engagement and Success Unit (SESU), which aims to help all new students at DBS transition successfully into Higher Education. If you would like to have a meeting with the Student Engagement Officer, email [email protected] for an appointment.

Building Access

DBS Library is located on the 2nd floor of Aungier Street building.  The floor is served by a lift. Ask Reception or Security to escort you or call (01) 4170660 and one of the librarians will help you.

Using resources

Many books are now available to read online, but if you need a book from the shelves and find this difficult, we can help in several different ways:

Library staff can get items for you so you can collect them at the Information Desk.

If you are registered with Disability Services, we can supply materials in an accessible format.

We offer longer loan and return periods for those registered with Disability Services.

We also offer workshops and One-to-One appointments.

Assistive technology

AHEAD has compiled all assistive technologies in the AT HIVE link below. There are some brilliant resources on note-taking, reading & writing as well as demonstrations on the supports in Microsoft, Apple and Google.