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Library Essentials

General Rules

In order to be a welcoming and productive environment to all we ask respect and consideration to other users, library staff, cleaning staff and our facilities.

  • Please treat every individual in the library with courtesy, consideration and respect.

  • Contribute to a quiet atmosphere: silence devices and keep conversation to a minimum to avoid disturbing others. In collaborative spaces, including group study rooms, please speak quietly.

  • Please treat all books, journals, equipment and furniture with care to ensure they are not damaged or defaced.

  • Clear study spaces after you are finished with them to leave them tidy for the next user.

  • Users may be asked to leave Library facilities if the users' behaviour is incompatible with University or Library policies.

  • At the discretion of the Library or University Administration, Library users may be banned from Library facilities for non-compliance with policies and established conditions of use of the Library resources, facilities and equipment.

  • Library space is for DBS community only. Keep your DBS Student Card with you at all times.

Food and drink

Covered beverages are accepted in the reading room and study rooms. Food is only permitted in the reading room. Please keep in mind that some odors food and noisy packages will disturb others. No food is allowed in the study rooms. A €5 fine will be charged to each member of the group if disrespected. 

DBS provides canteen spaces for students - Aungier Street underground floor and Castle House 4th floor.


Reading Room (quiet zone)

  • Noise kept to a minimum.
  • No group work allowed
  • Phones on silent. Calls must be taken outside the library.
  • Use headphones when listening to audio.
  • Attending online classes is not permitted. Students attending classes will be asked to leave.

Study Room

  • Quiet group work
  • No food allowed
  • Phones on silent.

Loud or disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated and patrons can be asked to leave. If you observe a noise policy violation, please contact the Information Desk.

Advertising and filming

Users must obtain permission to post notice or to film in the library.

Academic related poster and notices must be approved by the Registrar’s Office via email [email protected]

Social, Accommodation and Commercial Services must be approved by Student Services via email [email protected]

Lost Property

Users should refrain from leaving their belongings unattended. Staff are not responsible for the loss of personal property.

For your security, please remember:

  • Keep your personal possessions safe with you at all times
  • Leave the library promptly when asked to do so in an emergency

All lost property left within the library is kept at the Library Information Desk for a year before being donated to charity.