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Business Subject Guide: Web Resources

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Before you look at a web page, remember that on the Internet nobody knows you're a dog.  Anyone can write anything on the Internet and it doesn't have to be true.  There are a couple of tools for assessing the quality of websites, one of which is the CRAAP test: a list of criteria that you can use to assess the credibility of a source.  If you're doing research on the Internet, consider the following:

Currency:  when was the information posted, has it been revised or updated, does it reflect current knowledge, do the links work?

Relevance: who is the page aimed at, is the information at an appropriate level, how does it compare to other sources on the same topic, would you be happy to use this a source if you were writing an assignment/dissertation?

Authority: who wrote the page, do they have any qualifications & and are they relevant to the topic, is there contact information, what is the top level domain e.g .com (companies) .gov (government), .org (non-profit organisation), .edu/.ac (educational )?

Accuracy, what the source of the information, is it evidence-based, what kind of language is used, what is the tone of the page, is it free from grammatical or spelling errors, can you verify any of the information independently?

Purpose: why does the page exist, is the author trying to inform, persuade, entertain or sell you something, are the intentions clear, is it objective, Are there political, cultural or other biases?

Some good Business related websites. If you find any broken links, or are a DBS staff member or student who wants to suggest a site for inclusion, please contact the library.  If you are neither staff nor student, your unsolicited suggestions will be ignored. Last revised 03/09/2018

Data, policy advice and research on Ireland including economy, education, employment, environment, health, tax, trade, GDP, unemployment rate, inflation and PISA.

Representing the interests of all businesses in Dublin.

The government agency responsible for the development and promotion of the indigenous business sector

Commentary and information about the Irish economy

A series of reports that examines and analyses the key issues affecting particular sectors within the Irish economy

Website of the Sunday Business Post newspaper

Formerly the Irish Stock Exchange, The Euronext Dublin lists debt and fund securities and is used as a European gateway exchange for companies seeking to access investors in Europe and beyond

The central repository of public statutory information on Irish companies and business names

The office charged with ensuring compliance with company law

The regulator of all financial institutions in Ireland

The voice of Irish workers

The voice of Irish business and employers

Ireland's inward investment promotion agency

Irish business and finance web portal

The ESRI produces research that contributes to understanding economic and social change and that informs public policymaking and civil society in Ireland and throughout the European Union

The Irish government department, responsible for the implementation of policy in five key areas: Enterprise, Innovation, Growth; Quality Work and Learning; Markets and Regulation; Quality, Value and Continuous Impovement and the European Union

Irish Business Information Source

Business news from RTE

Business new from the Irish Times


Latest financial, market & economic news and analysis from The Guardian

This guide relates to researching UK companies, but the principles are generally applicable

Links to official national, regional and international statistical websites

Free online learning for careers, work, management, business training and education

The foundation of company information exchange in the UK:

Free company information including financial information, webcasts and press releases. Registration required

Provided by Rhodes-Blakeman Associates, a wide selection of resources including information on industry sectors and market & industry research

Handy travel advice from the UK Foreign Office

Business directory and information in various activity sectors: news, RFQs, business cases, press clippings and useful links.

HR resource for companies operating internationally across Europe, with a focus on employment law, pay and labour relations.

FAOSTAT provides time-series and cross sectional data relating to food and agriculture for some 200 countries

Aims to present commodity market issues in an objective, transparent and accessible way to the attention of a wider public

Provides access to information and data on International Merchandise Trade Statistics (IMTS)

Presents IMF staff economists' analyses of global economic developments during the near and medium term

Provides tips on international business values, etiquette, customs and protocol for business people travelling abroad

These US state department publications include facts about the land, people, history, government, political conditions, economy, and foreign relations of a larger number of countries

Business news & Financial news from

The independent global newsletter on corporate social responsibility and socially responsible investment

BBC Country Profiles: instant guide to history, politics and economic background of countries and territories, and background on key institutions.

Brings together the governments of countries committed to democracy and the market economy from around the world

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is an organization of 186 countries, working to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce poverty

A US based portal site covering business, technology and knowledge management

A nonprofit research group which provides critical commentary and investigative reporting on companies and industries around the world.

The YouTube channel of Euromonitor International. Market Research video summaries

The European B2B Search Engine

An intergovernmental organisation set up for the promotion of free trade and economic integration to the benefit of its four Member States: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

Provides means to ensure the effective and consistent application of European competition rules

The official website of the European Union

The Official Website of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations

Premier Asia-Pacific economic forum

South Asian intergovernmental organisation that aims to hasten the process of economic and social development in Member States

Southern African regional community promoting economic and social development

A regional group of fifteen West African countries, founded in 1975. Its mission is to promote economic integration in all fields of economic activity

The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa

Providing information about how NAFTA works

Americas largest annual report service

Ensuring wide access to quantitative datasets in the social sciences, and to advance the promotion of international comparative studies of the Irish economy and Irish society

List of useful sources of information for individual countries, including country profiles, reports, and studies available from the US government, international and inter-governmental organisations, as well as commercial and multinational firms

A comprehensive list of economics data sources for countries and regions of the world

Information on international commercial law with subsidiary interests in commerce and (mostly open standard) Net and information technologies

The Arthur Rock Center for Entrepreneurship empowers student and alumni entrepreneurs to create ventures that revolutionize.

Dedicated to transnationalism in the field of applied business ethics, and specializing in global ethics training.

PWT is a database with information on relative levels of income, output, inputs and productivity, with country and period coverage depending on the release. On these pages you find access to several releases of this data set, as well as documentation.

The Economic Policy Institute’s mission is to inform and empower individuals to seek solutions that ensure broadly shared prosperity and opportunity.

Free company information database

Publishes research and provides perspectives on topics relevant to research in the field of business and management.

an online knowledge resource for business administration

new work from among the more than 200 HBS faculty

The Irish Management Institute - a management training institute

Business and management resources produced by Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania

Abstracts of working papers, journal articles, reports, etc., produced by the leading French business school (requires free registration)

A collection of international business resources

Online resources on managing individuals and teams

a guide to electronic commerce from

(American) Resource for anyone trying to conduct research and find more information about companies, industries, and foreign countries

A free directory from BvD giving basic information on companies world-wide

An organization of forward-thinking companies that galvanizes the global business community to create a sustainable future for business, society and the environment.

Independent, non-profit organisation that provides practical solutions to the challenge of integrating environmental and social priorities with economic development.

Provides data on 256 socio-economic variables under 17 categories for the 57 Organisation of the Islamic Conference OIC member countries dating back to 1970

Free and open access to global development data

Investment education, tools, data, news and research on shares, funds, investment trusts and ETFs to help you make better investing decisions

Statistics is an inherent part of UNCTAD. Being the United Nations' focal point for the integrated treatment of trade and development and the interrelated issues in the areas of finance, technology, investment and sustainable development, UNCTAD compiles,

Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC); a good source of company information

The most widely used (five digit) system for classifying products in external trade data, used in reports from the United Nations and the OECD.

Perform currency and foreign exchange calculations using live market rates

A search engine for numerical data, offering access to several million financial, economic and social datasets

Contains over 1,000 types of indicators and raw data on education, literacy, science and technology, culture and communication and allows users to download predefined tables or build their own. Summary data (profiles and global rankings) are also availabl

A multi-disciplinary source providing official statistics produced by countries and compiled by the United Nations data system

An annual report from the World Trade Organisation, with statistical data in PDF and Microsoft Excel formats. This site also provides acces to selected historical time-series data

Comprehensive company level data in emerging markets and developing economies

DEC is the premier research and data arm of the World Bank

Fact and Datasheets on foreign direct investment information for various countries

A vast compilation of national data from hundreds of sources

Statistical activities at FAO cover the areas of agriculture, forestry and fisheries, land and water resources and use, climate, environment, population, gender, nutrition, poverty, rural development, education and health as well as many others.

Taking a critical view of globalisation, capitalism and all related issues

A substantial set of resources covering eCommerce

Entrepreneur magazine is the premier source for everything small business.

Videos from the Economist magazine. Arranged under various subject headings including 'Business & Economics'.

A monthly American business magazine published in print and online that focuses on technology, business, and design.

List of links to state Official Company Registers and what information they provide

Articles, sites of interest, market research and other resources for MBAs or anyone interested in management

Guide to dominant management thinkers

Daily human resources news, employment law updates, and features and comment on personnel issues



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