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Citation Analysis: Create

A Citation Report:
... is a collation of bibliographic details for the documents an individual has authored, along with the number of times those documents have been cited. This report may be used to support:
  • Job applications
  • Academic promotions
  • Grant applications
  • Academic credibility
Searching for citations:
... use the tool-box to capture your research output*. Note that the databases tend to index journal articles only. You may also want to consider altmetrics.
The number of citations:
  • Includes only those articles indexed within the database you're searching in
  • Will vary depending on the database coverage e.g. sources, date range

Create your own citation report:
Create a report of publication and citation data for your own records. Always state the citation database you used and the date accessed.

  • Use the saved list feature within the database (if applicable) to export the full record;
  • Select fields to include in the output, including Times Cited;
  • Reference management software e.g. Zotero can be used to create a report. See instructions here.
Publish or Perish:
Publish or Perish is a software program developed to analyse citations in Google Scholar.
  • Provides an interface to search Google Scholar and allows for the exclusion of irrelevant or erroneous results;
  • Searches articles, theses, books, abstracts, court opinions etc.;
  • Retrieves material from academic publishers, professional societies, online repositories, universities and other web sites;
  • Provides links to view all citing articles;
All data from Google Scholar needs to be verified for accuracy as Google Scholar often misidentifies or duplicates citations, or includes phantom records. This means the citation figures will be artificially inflated.
Online tutorials:

*The library does not subscribe to Web of Science and Scopus.