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Citation Analysis: Law


The resources listed in the table below are limited to those that are either available through the library or are free.
Search results will be limited to articles in journals published by the platform in question.
Consider the author-name search tips.
** indicates that you must be a DBS faculty, student or staff to access
 Source    Search Method
WESTLAW IE ** (contact the Library for off-campus access details)
is a full-text database of case law (most importantly, the Irish Law Reports Monthly [ILRM]), annotated legislation and journal articles. It also provides a current awareness service detailing the latest developments in case law and Irish legislation.

 Citation Rummaging
  1. Log on if off campus
  2. Click on 'Journals' link
  3. Select 'Advanced Search'
  4. Type author’s name in the 'Free Text' search box and hit 'Search' button
  5. Display where your terms appear in the results documents by checking the 'Terms in Context' box.
  6. Browse search results and look out for yellow-highlighted author name
Dawsonera ** (off campus access)
DBS Library currently provides access to over 1,400 eBooks covering all disciplines.
Citation Rummaging
  1. Log on if off campus
  2. Click on 'Advanced Search' link
  3. Under 'Search By' select 'Full Text'
  4. Under 'Search for' enter author name (alternate search options with 'all of these words', 'some of these words, 'this exact phrase' if necessary)
  5. In search results click on book title and select 'Read online' option
  6. Select 'Search' tab and enter author name
Google Scholar
broadly search for scholarly literature… across many disciplines and sources, including articles, theses, books and more.
Citation Searching
  1. Click drop-down arrow in search box to access Advanced Scholar Search
  2. Type author’s name into 'authored by' search box
  3. In the results list, click on 'Cited by link' to view references for publications in which a document has been cited
See also brief instruction screen-cast here.
Microsoft Academic Search (MAS)
claims to cover the entire research spectrum and to work with dozens of publishers. It indexes millions of academic publications and displays the key relationships between and among subjects, content, and authors (citation paths).
Citation Searching
  1. Conduct simple or advanced search
  2. Enter search term
  3. To examine citations for a particular author use the author search facility in Advanced Search.
Check out the Help section here.
Google Books
search the full text of books…if the book is out of copyright, or the publisher has given us permission, you’ll be able to see a preview of the book, and in some cases the entire text.
Citation Rummaging
  1. Type author’s name into search box
  2. Click on 'Search Books'
The majority of search results will be books written by that author. However, look out for titles that are followed by a page number. They are more likely to be ones in which the name was mentioned in text or references. Click on title to view page, or piece of page, on which name was found (highlighted in yellow).
books in all subject areas.
Citation Rummaging
  1. Select Books search
  2. Type author’s name into search box. For books that are part of Amazon’s Look Inside! programme, a book Excerpt will be provided in results list
  3. Click on page number after word Excerpt to view page(s) on which name occurs (must create a free account to use this feature)
  4.  If name appears as author of a Look Inside!book, click on title, and scroll down page to occasionally see an orange heading labeled Citations, which may provide a list of other books in Amazon that have cited the book. Citing page numbers will be included with links